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Campaign Builder
Campaign Builder
Campaign Builder is designed to help small to medium sized businesses build and launch marketing campaigns.  Giving customers a consistent repeating message across all mediums is key in helping make sure the campaign gains traction throughout the life of the promotion.  Campaign Builder provides professional design for web, in-house promotions, and any print advertising to help you establish the consistency you need.  By simply emailing the Domain 85 Support Desk the details of your campaign idea, your campaign will come to life.  We will send the new campaign to customers via email, upload it to your social media outlets, post it to your website and provide artwork for posters, flyers, and/or print ads.  Campaign Builder also includes ways for your organization to continue customer data acquisition efforts for use in future marketing.

Key Points
  • Easy Creation - Just email our support desk the details and we help
    you execute it.
  • Professional Design
  • Consistent Message
  • Data Collection - Customer-Hub.
  • No contract - Cancel at any time.
  • Contact us to get started
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