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This all web based software takes the task of collecting customer e-mails for marketing purposes and simplifies it drastically. Includes simple sign up with the ability to offer a bounce back promo, instant win/sweepstakes creation to give your customer a chance to win for signing up, and real-time type data entry that checks previous entries. You can also integrate the sign ups and sweepstakes into your website, social media, and print materials. The software also creates QR codes to use in your print materials and track prizes or rewards.

Key Points
  • Real-time Data Entry™ - Checks for previous entries so you do not waste time reentering customer info.
  • Instant Win/Sweepstakes - Allows your customer to sign up for a chance to win the prizes you set. You can set up to 3 different prizes with different odds and a consolation prize.
  • QR prize/reward tracker™ - If someone wins a prize you can scan the printed prize/reward to verify.
  • Simple Sign Up - Create a sign up that allows the customer to sign up with or without an auto responder.
  • Integration - The simple sign up and instant win/sweepstakes can be easily integrated on your website, social media, or print materials.
  • Social Sharing - Your customers can post or email the link to their friends to sign up.
  • Export - After you collect customer data you can simply export it to a spreadsheet for easy use.
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