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An innovative way to help restaurants fill empty tables during slower times. This easy to use system gives the restaurant owner the ability to post open tables and include a discount. The customer can then book the table and receive money off the bill for filling one empty table. You select the dates, time, quantity available, and discount. Each time you post a table it immediately goes to, your direct page, and can be easily promoted on social media and in advertisements. Filling a few extra tables each day can really add up.

Key Points
  • Promotion Feed - All the tables you post will be instantly included when someone visits the main site at Your restaurant will be displayed if someone searches in their area for tables.
  • Direct Page - All of your tables will be listed on a single page that only shows your tables that are offered at your restaurant. Example:
  • Recurring Tables - Do you have certain times of the day that you are always slow? Create the recurring table one time and it will be created every day automatically. You will also have the ability to black out specified dates and holidays.
  • Single Table - If you believe you are going to be slower just create tables for that one day with a step discount and easily post to your social media pages.
  • Real Time Inventory - You set the number of tables available and if someone books the table it will be taken off so more than one person cannot book the table.
  • Rule Control - You can set any rules or restrictions for the table when the customer reserves the table, such as, "not valid with any other coupons or specials."
  • Auto Promotion Creation - Artwork, QR Codes, Social Links, and Web links will be created for you to easily promote all your tables internally, online, or in print ads.
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