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Purchase to Par Inventroy and Ordering System.
Purchase to Par
Purchase to Par (P2P) is a way to simplify and increase your order accuracy using par levels and inventory. The system works on all smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers via Domain 85 cloud based platform. First, set your par levels to your desired levels to make sure you maintain a more “just in time” inventory. Second, count your inventory levels by simply walking around with your tablet or smart phone and inputing your current levels. Third, create an order to your select vendor and it will calculate out the recommended order amount based on your par levels minus what you currently have on hand. This simple method will help you get closer to a “just in time” inventory to help you reduce cash amounts tied up in inventory. 

Key Points
  • Set multiple par levels.
  • Master control to review orders above par, control items, categories, vendors, and reporting.
  • Separate logins for controls and inventory.
  • Case/Package conversion when order is placed. Order by how you count.
  • Works on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers. 100% cloud based.
  • Blue Indicator Saving - As you type, your database is updated and verified via blue indicator circle.
  • Ability to integrate in with other platforms for real time information.
  • One size does not fit all. P2P can be customized to fit your organizations needs.
  • See screen shots
  • Contact us to get started

NOTE: St Louis area restaurants must be approved by Performance Food Group prior to order.

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