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Costing to Profit costing system. Also a restaurant edition available.
Costing to Profit (C2P)
Costing to Profit (C2P) easily gives the ability to make good pricing decisions based on what it costs to make the product. Cost out goods and/or services by adding material costs (ingredients for food service edition) and labor. The material/ingredient cost section has an easy to manage list that, when altered, will update all items that include that material/ingredient. For labor costing, simply add the time it takes you to produce the item. C2P will then give you labor costs associated with the item. By combining material/ingredient costs, C2P easily gives a full cost to produce the item. C2P also has Costing Trail™, an exclusive recording system that checks every day to see if an item's profit increased or decreased based off your fluctuating material costs and will record the results for up to a full year.

Key Points
  • Costing Trail™ - Records profit changes based on fluctuating costs.
  • Easily add labor to your costs.
  • Nutritional Calculator for Foodservice Edition.
  • Works on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers. 100% cloud based.
  • Blue Indicator Saving - As you type, your database is updated and verified via blue indicator circle.
  • Works with Purchase to Par.
  • Ability to integrate with other platforms for real time information.
  • Performance Performance Food Group Sync - Automatic pricing updates from your invoice.
  • One size does not fit all. C2P can be customized to fit your organization's needs.
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NOTE: St Louis area restaurants must be approved by Performance Food Group prior to order.

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