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Automated Marketing is built in St Louis Missouri to help with bulk Email Marketing and bulk Text Messages
Automated Marketing
Automated Marketing is a system that makes sure your customers are receiving communication from you on a regular basis. The system sends out emails and/or text messages on an automated schedule. The messages can go out from 1 week to 6 week intervals. Once all your messages have been sent, Automated Marketing will loop back to the beginning to start the sending process again. By giving you the ability to keep your messages spread out, your customers do not see the same topic, but still get reminded about your brand, products, specials, and more. You will also have the option to keep the messages even more unique by including a randomly generated discount that calculates at the time of sending by simply setting the dollar or percent range of the offer. In addition, you can set messages to go out to your customers based on birthdays and/or anniversaries. Included is Customer-Hub to help you easily collect customers information from your website, point of purchase, and social media to continue to easily grow your marketing list.  Automated Marketing makes sure you keep your brand and offerings in front of your customers on a regular basis.

Example Use 1: Retail
Set up 8 different offers in the system and have it go out bi-weekly. The customer would only see each offer every 3 - 4 months based on the sending schedule. Topics could include a Tuesday Special, Randomly Generated Coupon, Featured Menu Items, Upcoming Events, and much more. Your company name and messages will be kept in front of your customers without you having to worry about remembering to do it yourself.

Example Use 2: Manufacturer Promote Product Line
Create 6 different messages about 6 different products or product lines you offer and information on how to purchase. Set the sending schedule to every 4 weeks and your customers will be reminded about every 6 months about each product line. Each message will remind the customer how they can purchase your products.

Example Use 3: Text & Email Alteration
Create 4 text messages and 4 email messages that alternate to go out every 2 weeks. By using this method you can have an email go out about the topic and in two weeks send out a short text message to reinforce the topic to your text message database. This makes sure you are averaging 2 messages per month but not sending out too much to just one list.

Key Points
  • Up to 6 week interval
  • Automatically sends messages (Plan Once)
  • Professional designed messages
  • Anniversary club
  • Birthday club
  • Includes Customer-Hub for collection
  • Randomly generated coupons
  • Text message with detail link
  • Single Message Option
  • Social Share
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